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hello everyone ♥ I'm Sarah, I'm from Australia and this is my Disney blog! :) my blog used to be called tarzanxjane...
I do Disney lookalikes, Disney Princess personalities, Perfect Disney Matches, Disney Best Friends, roleplay, and I have a Disney Ohana!

I themed my blog 'chocolate' for the Easter vibes, enjoy, have a magical day :D!



facts about other movies

"the first disney princess to be crowned quee—"


"the first disney princess to be crown—"


"the first dis—"


let’s try that again


I don’t know if this counts but Ariel had sort of a duet with Ursula in poor unfortunate souls, I mean she does sing in it..

The feels when I watched this last night. My friend Eli muttered the quote, and I felt the need to create this based on it.


When Anna goes to get Elsa from her ice palace she tells her: I finally understand. But she doesn’t really understand.

At that point all she’s ever experienced was being the person on the outside of the door. The person who wants nothing more than to be able to go in.

By the end of the movie she does understand. She becomes the person on the inside of the door- the person wants nothing more than to be able to go out. She understands Elsa because she takes her place.

My feels for this movie never end. 

ohheyitsmikaylarose asked: "Hello! Could I be Scrump in your Disney Ohana? :)"

Of course! Welcome to the family Scrump! (I assume you mean Lilo’s friend from Lilo & Stitch) Have a magical day! x

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Ok I’m going to be really greedy and ask for a look-a-like and a princess personality… Thanks so much!

(can you use my profile on my twitter? Its @clarissething . Thanks!!!)

 0. What’s your name? —- Claire

1. If you lived in a world that was all Disney movies combined, where would you live and why? - i’m fiercely independent, so i’d want to live out in the forest Pocahontas lives in (before all the settlers come) but I get week in the knees for architecture, so i’d want to have one of the princess’s castles with me (let’s be honest it would be auroras) and if I had a say on clothing, we’d all dress like we were in Atlantis (the steampunk kills me every time)

2. Favorite Color? - gray!(but not grey)

3. What is your best quality?  - I have never studied for a test in my life - I retain information after I read it. I can tell you the climax of my favorite book in second grade (it was finding a missing horse) and what section 10.2 is in my biology book (cellular division - meiosis)

4. Favorite Animal? - deer!

5. What’s your dream? - I want to heal things - it be people the land or animals I don’t care I just need to help

6. Describe yourself in 3 words. - introvert, rebellious, loyal 

Hi Claire :D 
Your Disney lookalike would be Alice from Alice In Wonderland! 

Your Disney Princess personality would be Rapunzel :) Because she is in a forest for most of her life but ends up in the castle in Corona. She is smart, rebellious, loyal (she feels bad for rebelling and is constant guilt for leaving and feels disloyal, but it kind of proves her loyalty), shy (sometimes), and she can heal things :) 

Thanks for submitting! 
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